FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. My athlete is just getting started in track, is FTC right for them?  We have a number of athletes who are new to track. At practice, we divide our FTC athletes into different training groups by age and ability so that athletes are training with other athletes at their experience level

2. How can I know what the FTC practices are like?  We offer a free initial session where your athlete can come train with us to get more of a feel of our training approach and the program.

3. Does FTC only train in the spring?  At FTC, we train all year round with a competition meet schedule running Feb through July.

4. How often should my athlete train during the week?  Depending on their goals, we recommend that FTC athletes train 3x/week  

5. How often is Practice? When? Where?  See tab on website Practice Schedule

6. How do I sign up for USATF?  Download the forms on the Join FTC website tab

7. Will my athlete compete in meets?  Our goal is to have all our FTC athletes compete in meets. We work with each athlete to identify events that best match their interests and abilities.

8.My athlete is interested in throwing and or jumping events, is FTC for them?  We offer coaching and training in throwing, jump and distance running events