Coming into high school, we knew that trying to elevate our son to the varsity team would require extra training and dedication. He worked with Jorge to refine his running technique and his overall strength.  The training with Jorge made a big difference as our son was able to cut 1/2 a second off his previous best 100 meter time.  With this improved time in the 100, he earned a varsity letter.  Jorge has inspired our son to work towards his full potential. His coaching ability and expertise delivers real results.” --Randy and Donna Roker .

“Working with Jorge was a great experience for my daughter, Hannah. She greatly improved her running technique at all levels. More importantly, Jorge raised her confidence in her own ability so she is mentally stronger than ever before. His practice sessions are a great balance of hard work and fun, so she looked forward to going. Jorge intuitively knows what each athlete needs to do to move up to the next level of performance, and is able to convey that to his athletes in a way that makes perfect sense to them. The results are the proof that Jorge truly is a gifted coach and trainer.” - Elizabeth Rajs

"When I first started training with Jorge, I ran the 40 yard dash in 6.2 seconds and now I can do it in 5.65 seconds. I am really happy because college coaches want you to have speed and quick starts and Jorge has helped me achieve what they are looking for. I would highly recommend his training to everyone of all ages."-- Cierra Kocick

"When our daughter was ready to return to training after suffering a tough injury (torn achilles tendon), she needed a training program to get her ready for basketball season.  We knew that it would be important to get the right training to recover her fitness and her speed. We also knew that coming back from an injury requires not only sound physical training, it also needs positive mental motivation. We turned to Jorge to work with her on both her motivation and her speed, and Jorge really delivered.  Jorge has a real gift in that he inspires athletes to go that extra mile, to reach deep and achieve more. "   -Bob and Barb Barrett